The Daughters of Light series is designed to help women strengthen themselves and their relationships with others and with God.

Sarah is an overnight event focused on helping women establish and maintain boundaries. A boundary simply put is “any line or thing marking a limit.” Setting boundaries gives us real power over the chaos surrounding our lives some days. Boundaries in our relationships are for our safety and the safety of others. Many people don’t understand what a true boundary is and most women have no boundaries, even if they think they do. Most often what people think is a boundary really is a rule we place on other people, this is not a boundary. You will learn what true boundaries are, how to make them, and how to keep them in a healthy manner.

Our children, and especially our daughters, learn more from our example than by what we tell them verbally. What a powerful thing it would be to be able to pass along healthy boundaries to them.

This weekend also teaches us how to release anger or negative emotions in a healthy, safe way. We all get upset, but when we don’t release those feelings, it comes out in ways we don’t want it to…and it does come out! However, we can control how it comes out if we deal with it in a health manner.

The other thing we experience is how to release our negative emotions or experiences and give them to our Savior – the Atonement in action. Our Savior is happy to take our pain from us if we will let him – and that is what you will also experience.

Finally, we learn how to experience joy. How many times do we stifle that in our lives as well!?

Everyone learns differently and different things help different people, therefore this weekend includes multiple healing modalities in order to touch the lives of its participants in different ways. This weekend will focus on 3 elements: Healing, Connecting, and Strengthening Relationships.

Sarah is an amazing weekend. It is named after Sarah, Abraham’s wife in the Old Testament. As we learn more about her story throughout the weekend, we will learn more about ourselves. This is a powerful experience!


1402598902The story starts three thousand years ago in the early 1200s before the Common Era. The grass blows gently in the wind. The figs ripen. The world is still new, ten generations have lived and died since Noah landed his ark on the ledge of Mount Ararat.

A girl named Sarai sleeps, protected against the night air by her shawl. She will become the mother of a great nation. Through her we will move toward whatever mysterious end awaits. Because of her, God will have a people and a people will have a God.

It was lucky that Sarai was not carried off in infancy by a raging fever, an infection in the ear; lucky that she was not trampled by the mule when she slipped between his feet. Perhaps the bandits that rode past on their way to Egypt stole only the camels and left undisturbed the children hiding in the dark night in the nearby cave. Maybe Sarai became Sarah not because it had always been planned this way but because Sarai had not broken her leg when she tumbled down the gully when she was eight. Only in retrospect does destiny come knocking at the door. In real life it slips in with the germs, with the dust, with the twists of time and geography.

Or perhaps not. It may have been God’s intention from the moment He breathed on the deep, to bring Sarai to Abram and Abram to Sarai.

Join us on a journey of healing, of connecting to self and others, and of strengthening our boundaries.

Event Specifics

Location & Dates
  • Check back for future dates.

If you would like us to bring “Sarah” to your hometown, please contact us for details.

Event Times The event will begin at 7:00pm on Friday and will continue through Saturday, at 5:00pm.
Food Saturday Breakfast: Provided by the hotel

Saturday Lunch: Subway sandwiches, salad

Snacks: Chex Mix, grapes, trail mix, tortilla chips, salsa, veggie tray, mints

Pre-weekend Preparation Once your registration is complete we will send you a 5 minute visualization that should be completed prior to arriving at the event.
What to Bring Pillow, socks, sweater, yoga mat, confidentiality agreement, comfortable clothing (red if possible)


Past Sarah Events

  1. April 2016: Murray, UT
  2. March 2015: Holladay, UT
  3. October 2014: Holladay, UT



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