The Daughters of Light series is designed to help women strengthen themselves and their relationships with others and with God.

Leah is an overnight event focused on helping women learn how to find the walls we put around our hearts to “protect” us. These heart walls block us from letting love in. We will learn more about our Heart Chakra, forgiveness and more, all while connecting with other women, ourselves and our higher power.

Everyone learns differently and different things help different people, therefore this weekend includes multiple healing modalities in order to touch the lives of its participants in different ways. This weekend will focus on 3 elements: Healing, Connecting, and Strengthening Relationships.

Leah is an amazing weekend. It is named after Leah, Jacob’s first wife in the Old Testament. As we learn more about her story throughout the weekend, we will learn more about ourselves. This is a powerful experience!

Join us on a journey of healing, of connecting to self and others, and of strengthening our love and forgiveness to ourselves and others.

Event price includes hotel room (based on double occupancy), Friday night dinner, Saturday (breakfast provided by the hotel) and lunch and snacks on Saturday.


800px-Dante_Gabriel_Rossetti_-_Dante's_Vision_of_Rachel_and_LeahLeah adjusted her clothing once more as she waited anxiously for the groom to enter her tent. Covered head to toe in the veils of a bride, and silent throughout the wedding festivities as a bride was expected to be, Jacob was not yet aware of the deception. In the dim lamplight, he would not see the truth. For one precious night, she would hear the words of love and affection from a man besotted by his bride. For one magical night, she would know what it felt to be caressed and adored. In the morning everything would unravel. And by that time, it would be too late for Jacob to back out. Having crossed the threshold into her tent and spent the night with her, Jacob would indeed be married to Leah.
. . .

One of her fondest memories was when she was a child running through the tall grass with her sister. Born only minutes apart, according to Jewish Midrash, they were inseparable. They played hide and seek, they played house, and they danced. They danced and twirled and sang! They were best friends.

As they grew older, they didn’t have as much time together, with Leah working in camp and Rachel in the fields, but at the end of the day, when all of the chores were finished, they would lay in bed talking until they fell asleep. Those were the moments they both looked forward to each day. Telling each other of their adventures or disappointments of what happened that day.

The fabric of Leah’s story is woven with Rachel’s story, with Jacob’s story, with Bilhah’s story, with Zilpah’s story,

Event Specifics

Registration Fee Event price includes program, Friday night hotel stay* (based on double occupancy), dinner on Friday, breakfast and lunch on Saturday, snacks and materials. If you would like to request your own room for an additional fee, please contact us so we can make those arrangements for you.

Location & Dates Check back for future dates.

If you would like us to bring “Leah” to your hometown, please contact us for details.
Event Times Begins: Friday at 3:00pm
Ends: Saturday, at 5:00pm
Food Friday Dinner: Pizza, Salad, Grapes
Saturday Breakfast: Provided by the hotel
Saturday Lunch: Subway sandwiches, salad
Snacks: Chex Mix, grapes, trail mix, tortilla chips, salsa, veggie tray, mints
Pre-weekend Preparation This will include a visualization and some journaling. This will be sent out to all registrants two weeks prior to the event.

The event will include materials from various sources including the following books. We encourage you to read these books, but it is not required.

What to Bring Pillow, socks, sweater, yoga mat, confidentiality agreement, comfortable clothing (green if possible)


Past Leah Events

  1. October 2016: Sandy, UT


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