March 2-4, 2018

Location: Utah

HealConnectStrengthen_LaLobaThis retreat is designed especially for women who have experienced trauma and/or betrayal in their marriages or other significant relationships. It is for women who are ready to explore and work on their personal journey.

During this weekend, you will discover things that you have lost and learn how to pick up the pieces and move forward. You will learn how to find the beauty in these losses and move toward peace and resolution in your life.

As in all Daughters of Light weekends, you will experience healing on all four P.E.M.S (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) levels. This includes recognizing your strengths and how to stand in your power; and how to recognize and express your emotions in a healthy way.

As you examine the path on your personal journey, you will discover patterns of behavior that keep coming back. You will learn how to recognize these patterns, learn where they stem from, learn from them, and let them go. Some of the things we will address during the weekend include intuition, shame, boundaries, anger, grief, fear and clean communication.

Everyone learns differently and different things help different people, therefore this weekend includes multiple healing modalities in order to touch the lives of its participants in different ways. This weekend will focus on 3 elements: Healing: Trauma and/or betrayal, Connecting: to your intuition/soul, God and sisters, and Strengthening: your power & strength.

This weekend is staffed by couples who have weathered difficult times together and yet their relationships continue to flourish.





There is an old woman who lives in a hidden place that everyone knows but few have ever seen. As in many stories, she seems to wait for lost or wandering people and seekers to come to her place.
They say she lives among the rotten granite slopes in Tarahumara Indian territory. Some say they have seen her outside Phoenix near a well. She is said to have been seen traveling south to Monte Alban. And some say she has been sighted walking to market above Oaxaca with strangely formed boughs of firewood on her back. She is called by many names: La Huesera, Bone Woman; La Trapera, The Gatherer; and La Loba, Wolf Woman.

The sole work of La Loba is the collecting of bones. She is known to collect and preserve especially that which is in danger of being lost to the world. Her cave is filled with the bones of all manner of desert creatures: the deer, the rattlesnake, the crow. But her specialty is said to be wolves.

We all begin as a bundle of bones lost somewhere in a desert, a dismantled skeleton that lies under the sands. It is our work to recover the parts. It is a painstaking process best done when the shadows are just right, for it takes much looking. La Loba indicates what we are to look for – the indestructible life force, the bones.

This is our goal we have for you this weekend. To find your bones, to help you better learn and appreciate your personal power, and to own your strength!
The myth of La Laba the Wolf Woman, initiates the question, “What has happened to my soul-voice? How do I make my life come alive again?

And this is where we begin…


Event Specifics

Registration Fee $650
Event fee for the 3-day intensive, residential program includes 30 hours of process and instruction time, overnight accommodations, food, and materials.
Early registration discount: $70 off regular event price if paid in full by December 22, 2017.
Payment plans are available. Due to extra processing fees, there is an additional $10 charge for using the installment plan.
Location Outside Salt Lake City – exact location of event will be emailed with the registration materials. Closest airport will be Salt Lake Airport.
Date & Time The event will begin at 10:00am on Friday and will continue through Sunday at 5:00pm.

Past La Loba Events

  1. April 2017: Hideaway Valley, UT



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