The Daughters of Light series is designed to help women strengthen themselves and their relationships with others and with God.

Esther is an overnight event focused on helping women learn how to recognize the gift of their intuition and how to listen to it and apply it in their lives. We will learn more about our Third Eye chakra, our personal missions and our intuition, all while connecting with other women, ourselves and our higher power.

Everyone learns differently and different things help different people, therefore this weekend includes multiple healing modalities in order to touch the lives of its participants in different ways. This weekend will focus on 3 elements: Healing, Connecting, and Strengthening Relationships.



Queen Vashti, the king’s first wife, was considered to be the most beautiful woman in the empire. This is never disputed, even in the light of events that will soon transpire in the story. Esther will need moral courage for the days soon ahead, but she will also need another kind of courage as well: the belief that her beauty is a reflection of God’s inspired appeal. Esther lived in a world that judged women solely by appearance. If Esther believes in the standards of her time, and judges herself by them, she will not be able to do what lies ahead for her.

What was it that set Esther apart? Although we do not know how Mordecai allowed Esther to groom herself, we know her peers used cosmetics to increase their allure. Fats from animals such as lions and crocodiles were used as the base for cosmetics and perfumes, and it was believed that the strength and beauty of these animals would be passed along to the wearers. These fats, mixed with color, lined the eyes and lips, and were applied based on the premise that light always creates highlights and shadows. To be alluring as a woman, one must draw the eye to a good feature, and away from a lesser one.

The Jews say God created Esther with a different approach. Esther’s peers used cosmetics to manipulate the light around them. Yet, fashioned by God, in this story Esther would be the light. It is taught that women are illuminated internally by His power and strength. He has shaped them to His satisfaction. They are a reflection of the supernatural.

Queen Vashti was indeed considered the most beautiful woman in the empire. God would not have Esther challenge that in the days ahead. Instead, God would have Esther become the most powerful woman in the empire and a beloved woman of history. The Jews believe she was not created to embody the fashion of the times, but to reflect the majesty and providence of a God moving unseen through the world, even the forgotten world of women.

Join us on a journey of healing, of connecting to self and others, and of strengthening our intuition.


Event Specifics

Location & Dates

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If you would like us to bring “Esther” to your hometown, please contact us for details.

Date & Time The event will begin at 3:00pm on Friday and will continue through Saturday at 5:00pm.
Food Friday Dinner: Pizza, Salad, Grapes
Saturday Breakfast: Provided by the hotel
Saturday Lunch: Subway sandwiches, salad
Snacks: Chex Mix, grapes, trail mix, tortilla chips, salsa, veggie tray, mints

Pre-weekend Preparation Optional: Read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Past Esther Events

  1. October 2015: Murray, UT
  2. April 2018: Sandy, UT


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