Trust can be built and rebuilt, and couples can enjoy the intimacy that comes from being secure in each other’s love. Trust comes from being seen and heard, it goes both ways. Both of us in a relationship must find ways to be seen and heard, as well as to see and hear the other. When we create safety for our partner, we give them space to be more vulnerable and open with us. If we see our spouse from a place of love, instead of judgment, our relationship will flourish. When we are concerned with what can I get out of the other one, we will find that there is never enough. Looking for evidence of trustworthy behaviors, we will find them, if we are searching for ways they have broken our trust, we will only find evidence of that.

Everyone learns differently and different things help different people, therefore this event includes multiple healing modalities in order to touch the lives of its participants in different ways. Join us on a journey of healing, of connecting, and of strengthening relationships.

Event Specifics

Next Event FAll 2016
Murray, Utah
Registration Fee Early Registration: $87/couple
Regular Registration: $100/couple
Late Registration: $125

Location Forth Coming
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