Each interaction in a relationship leads either toward intimacy or away from it. No behavior is neutral. With everything you do and say, the tone and intention of every word, act, or gesture, you are shifting the intimacy of your relationship. Something in our nature cries out to be loved by another. Isolation is devastating to the human psyche. At the heart of humankind’s existence is the desire to be intimate and loved by another. Marriage is designed to meet that need for intimacy and love. In the Bible, it speaks of man and woman becoming “one flesh”. That does not mean losing our own identities, it means we enter into each other’s lives in a deep and intimate way.

Everyone learns differently and different things help different people, therefore this event includes multiple healing modalities in order to touch the lives of its participants in different ways. Join us on a journey of healing, of connecting, and of strengthening relationships.

Event Specifics

Next Event Forthcoming.
Registration Fee Early Registration: $87/couple
Regular Registration: $100/couple
Late Registration: $125

Pre-event Preparation This event requires that you attend either Building Communication or Building Trust.


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