So often, relationships start to break down as communication breaks down. What is it about being heard and speaking our truth that gets so difficult? With clear communication, we can let go of our expectations and begin to ask for what we need and want. Communicating takes practice and finesse. When I speak from a place of my experience, instead of telling someone what they “should” do, the other person doesn’t have to put up his defenses, he doesn’t have to be on guard, because I’m just sharing where I am.

Everyone learns differently and different things help different people, therefore this event includes multiple healing modalities in order to touch the lives of its participants in different ways. Join us on a journey of healing, of connecting, and of strengthening communication.

Event Specifics

Next Event March 11, 2016
Murray, Utah
Registration Fee Regular Registration: $100/couple
Location Cedar Park
5284 South Commerce Drive, C-254
Murray, UT 84107
Pre-event Preparation  


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